Video Installation

"Moments" 2018 Installation & Performance Single Channel Video; Two Channel Audio Originally performed in October 2018 at Locust Projects in Miami, Florida as part of the "20/20" event that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Locust Projects by hosting 20 consecutive hours of hour long performances. In addition to an hour long performance, each artist was asked to create a companion installation that would be on display in their gallery for the succeeding month. This video is an excerpt from our hour long video installation.

There is also a companion netart piece that can be found here:
The idea is to encourage the use of a screen while watching the piece, because it’s going to happen anyway. However, if you’re going to touch the phone, why not have it interact with the artwork in some way?

CICA Art Yellow Book

CICA Art Yellow Book

Third Annual Art Yellow Book

CICA Museum’s art book project “Art Yellow Book” provides a unique art space for artists. Unlike gallery spaces, art books are portable and ubiquitous. Unlike online media, books are tactile and “real.” Art Yellow Book aims to create a space where individual artists can freely express themselves and become media themselves.

You can find out more on their website


Sage Moss eZine

Sage Moss eZine
Macro Photography eZine

Maia Frequency was released on deepwhitesound as an expanded release. The album is accompanied by a Macro Photography zine featuring images and prose.

Ego & is

Ego & Is
Net Art Installation

This piece we created for The Wrong digital and new media art biennale and is best viewed by visting the website

Using combinations of analog and digital — field recordings and digital oscillators; computer generated objects and film photography— we wanted to emphasize that differences on the micro level actually blend harmoniously on the macro level.

This is a short demo of our site.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 3.46.24 PM.png

Secular Liminality Net Art Project

Secular Liminality
Net Art Project

For our debut release, Secular Liminality, we decided to create a standalone website using the New Hive platform.

Each track can be streamed via: