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 Pour Out The Heavy

Release Date: August 21st, 2019
Label: Vacuum Press
Mastered by Lewis Pesacov

Pour Out The Heavy is the latest release from Los Angeles based duo Electric Sound Bath. Building from their 2018 release, The Forces, this album infuses subtle, organic synth tones with looped electric bass to create meditative pieces. Each song was created using intuitive, improvisations to evoke a meditative mindset in both performers, and in turn, the listeners.

To accompany the release, a video for the track Still Water, High Seas was created from footage shot at the storied Salton Sea in California. The video weaves footage from the once-resort-destination-now-polluted accidental sea as an effort to show that tranquility can be found in chaos, you just have to look.

In addition to Ang Wilson and Brian Griffith adding their signature blend of bass, modular synth, singing bowls, and samples, the duo enlisted the ears of, producer, Lewis Pesacov to master the entire album. Pesacov is most known for his work with Best Coast, FIDLAR, James Ferraro, and Fool’s Gold, however, he also has a large body of experimental work that ranges from minimal oscillator drone, to improvised guitar pieces. Using an all-tube compressor, he was able to give the album a powerful presence, while retaining the emotional warmth.

Electric Sound Bath, Ang Wilson (Left) and Brian Griffith (Right) on the banks of the Salton Sea

Electric Sound Bath, Ang Wilson (Left) and Brian Griffith (Right) on the banks of the Salton Sea

Still Water, High Seas is the single and features a companion video, comprised of footage filmed at the Salton Sea in California. The area was once a resort destination until years of chemical runoff, neglect, and the lack of natural recirculation transformed the accidentally created lake into a highly saline and polluted body of water. The sea is known for its unique odor, abandoned homes, and mass marine life die-offs. While visiting it is easy to be overwhelmed by the odor, humidity, pervasive flies, and feeling of isolation, however, experiencing the stillness, the motion of the seemingly viscous water, and the natural beauty that surrounds the area is a reminder that perspective is all that is needed to transform a situation.

Song: Still Water, High Seas
Artist: Electric Sound Bath
Album: Pour Out The Heavy
Label: Vacuum Press
Mastered by Lewis Pesacov
Shot at the Salton Sea in California, this video is a meditation on beauty and stillness amidst chaos.

Pour Out The Heavy will be available via Vacuum Press on August the 21st.

Track Listing:
Side A
Almost Motion
Back To The Ridge
For Us
Entering The Myth
Red Sky
Side B
Still Water, High Seas
Accompanied By Blessings
White Salt Circle

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