P. Whitehill, Electric Sound Bath, Rare Form

  • Betalevel

Come down to Betalevel for an evening of interesting, gentle performances that celebrate the release of P. Whitehill's latest album. 

This is an early show: starts at 7p!

Find yourself in front of “FULL HOUSE RESTAURANT” located at 963 N. Hill Street in Chinatown. 
• Locate the alley on the left hand side of Full House.
• Walk about 20 feet down the alley (away from the street).
• Stop.
• Notice dumpster on your right hand side.
• Take a right and continue down the alley.
• Exercise caution so as not trip on the wobbly cement blocks underfoot
• The entrance to Betalevel is located 10 yards down on left side,
behind a red door, down a black staircase.

P. Whitehill
Electric Sound Bath
Rare Form

Visuals by Astralviolet