ELECTRIC SOUND BATH is a Los Angeles-based duo comprised of Ang Wilson (modular synth and singing bowls) and Brian Griffith (bass guitar and electronics). Using singing bowls, as well as electric instrumentation, ESB creates dense wombs of sound that envelop the listener. Taking cues from nature, esoteric philosophy and decades of likeminded musicians, Electric Sound Bath creates accessible, intuitive compositions.



Listen To Music…Under A Tree, Presented by Leaving Records; La Tierra de La Culebra Park, Los Angeles, CA
Desert Daze Festival: Sanctuary Stage & Mystic Bazaar Tent, Moreno Beach, CA
Twenty/Twenty at Locust Projects; Miami, FL
Performance for the Andy Warhol Prints Exhibition at Palm Springs Art Museum,
Palm Springs, CA
Mystic Bazaar: Gnosis, Los Angeles, CA

Desert Daze Festival: Mystic Bazaar Healing Tent, Performance, Joshua Tree, CA
Gather, On-Going Performance & Sound Series at Kinship Yoga, Los Angeles
Sitting In Sound, Meditation & Performance at Otis College with Jesse Fleming, Los Angeles

Music for Train Stations, Performance at Union Station Dublab, Los Angeles
Dublab Artist Residency, Instagram, Los Angeles
AcuXReiki Sound Bath with Daphne Lim, and Tiffany De Leon, Goldenfolk Wellness, Los Angeles
Sonic Saturdays with Jessica Snow Spellbound Sky, Los Angeles

Dublab Live Radio Performance + Meditation, Los Angeles
The Living System, Performance + Meditation, The Pasadena Arts Center of Design, 
Los Angeles
Cycle, Group Exhibition, sound and video performance; UCLA, Los Angeles
EAR MEAL Improvised Performance and Interview, Los Angeles
Sonic Meditation + Sound Bath, The Open Studio, Englewood FL
KCHUNG Live Radio Performance; Collaboration and Interview with Chuck SoHoo for
Tree Monster Breakfast, Los Angeles
KCHUNG Live Radio Performance; live performance and hosting of Healing Light Comfort Zones,
Los Angeles
Sunday Sit, Ongoing Series 356 Mission, sound + meditation, Los Angeles
Eastside Breathers, Ongoing Series sound + meditation, Los Angeles

Sonic Meditations, Ongoing Series, Besant Lodge, Los Angeles


The Forces, Patient Sounds; Chicago IL
Music For Restoration, Self-Releases; Los Angeles, CA

Heart & Insight Meditations with Jesse Fleming, Crash Symbols; Morgantown, WV
Planned Parenthood Benefit Compilation, Aural Canyon; Austin, TX

Moon Drip, Album, Spontaneous Composition & Live Performance, Flure Tapes, Umeå, Sweden

Muted Mantra, Demo, “PSSV.7 weekends”, Patient Sounds INTL, Chicago IL
Maia Frequency, Expanded Audio Release, Photography, Poetry, Los Angeles
Secular Liminality, Album, Spontaneous Composition,Thunder Cloud Records, Los Angeles

Faerie’s Mist, Single, Spontaneous Composition
New Year, Single, Spontaneous Composition
Fireside Meditation, Single, Spontaneous Composition
7 Minutes of Breathwork, Single, Spontaneous Composition


MO&CO, Short Film Soundtrack, Los Angeles
Griffith Park Teahouse, Closing Ceremony, Los Angeles
Zymbop, Sound Editing, Music and Composition; Los Angeles